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MAGICARD Sicura ™ UltraShield Laminator

Sicura Laminating station

Users of this laminating station know that they can upgrade at any time as budgets or circumstances change.  It interfaces to the printer via a single cable which connects to the UltraSecure™ connector on the rear of all current Magicard printers.  The connection is used for synchronization purposes to allow the UltraShield and the printer to operate concurrently, giving an overall print/laminate cycle time of about 30 seconds when batch printing.


Printer Compatibility All Magicard printers fitted with an Ultra Secure socket
Cycle Time Sicura will laminate a card in less than 30 seconds and will operate concurrently with a Magicard print cycle
Overlay Durability Expected to survive at least 40,000 passes through a magstripe reader
Card Life Expected to be 5-10 years in driving license and similar applications
Tamper Resistance Overlaminate is virtually impossible to remove without destruction of the card
Security Features Overlaminate films containing an optical security logo are available to special order
Card Thickness Overlaminate can be applied to cards from 15 mil to 60 mil (0.38mm to 1.6mm) thickness
Overlaminate Dimensions Approximately 1/16 inch (1.6mm) smaller than a standard CR-80 card on each side
Overlaminate Thickness Approximately 1 mil (0.0254mm)
Overlaminate Capacity The media roll will overlaminate approximately 250 cards before replacement
Stacker Capacity The output stacker will accept up to 100 cards of standard 30 mil (0.78) thickness
Interface The UltraShield laminator connects to the dedicated Ultra Secure serial port on the rear of Magicard Turbo and Turbo Flip printers for synchronization.  Operates as a standalone unit with Rio and Tango ID card printers.
Stand Alone Operation UltraShield can be used as a stand-alone manually-fed laminator
Dimensions 8" H x 10" W x 15" D (200mm H x 250mm W x 380mm D) maximum
Weight 20lbs (9kg) maximum
Color Pearl gray
Power Supply Switchable 90-125VAC or 180-265VAC, 47-63Hz 250Watts
Operating Environment +50 F to +85 F (+10 C to +30 C)
Safety CE certified - UL pending
Emissions EN 50-081 and EN 50-082-1. FCC pt 15 curve A (USA) & CSA 108.8 curve A (Canada)

Specifications are subject to change without notice.


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